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“The Girl Outside of Time” appears in Small World City:

“Roaming, Parting” appears in Synthemata:

“The Knot” appears in Always Crashing:

“The Queen of the Birds” appears in Issue 46 of The Hamilton Stone Review:

“The Man in the Back of Your Brain” appears in Volume 11 of Black Flowers:

“A Miniature Revolution” appears in Issue 60 of Otoliths:

“A Ramshackle Exorcism” appears in Volume 6, Issue 3 of The Gateway Review:

"The Alchemy of the Eye" appears in The Gravity of the Thing:

"A Letter to a Cloud-Rimmed Court" appears in Maudlin House:

"The Man Made of Glass" appears in issue 18 of Gone Lawn:

"A Hermit" appears in issue 19 of The Delinquent:

"Crickets" appears in Web Conjunctions:

"A Song of Exorcism" appears in issue 12 of Drunken Boat:


“Portrait of a Cemetery” appears in Vita Brevis: